The Software Exhibition module of CodinGuru 2.0 aims to analyze the software engineering, design and development skills of the participants. The participants can submit any software project they built, along with the necessary below mentioned requirements.

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Contact No:   +92 304 7214518

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This competition is open to all students and developers from Pakistan. You can only showcase your personal project, not the one that you did for any organization or client.


In order to take part in this competition, each team is required to fulfill the following requirements:

Code: A completely commented and committed code should be maintained in a publicly
accessible GitHub repository and can only be submitted through a GitHub link. The repositories should have a readme file which mentions all the technologies and languages used. It must also contain a complete procedure on how to run your application locally (if it is a web application). Your repository should have an executable Android (.apk) or IOS (.ipa) build, in case your project is a mobile application.


Pitch Video: Create a video describing the idea and use of your application, which should be less than approximately two (2) minutes. Make it as creative as possible. The Video must be uploaded on YouTube and may only be submitted via a link to the Video as publicly hosted and viewable on such site or platform and must comply with all third-party terms and conditions that apply to the site or platform on which it resides.

You will be given 12 minutes (8 minutes for presentation and 4 minutes for QA) to present your project. In the first 8 minutes, you need to play your video and describe the motivation for the project. Your video will be played from our computer and will start in the last two minutes, irrespective of whether you have completed your presentation or not.


Project Poster: Each team must make an A1 sized Poster, according to International HCI standards. You must submit a softcopy and bring a printed A1 (portrait only) size poster - (smaller than A1 is not acceptable) on the event venue for your stall.


Bonus Components:
A google drive link to any other design or engineering documents, especially the Information Architecture document can also be submitted. This will create a positive impact on the judging panel, as they will be able to have a better idea of your product and the procedure that you followed throughout the project. Similarly, a properly deployed application on the web or play store/app store may result in bonus points.

Hackathon Sponsors


$195 in prizes

Best Project Award

Each Participant will receive a participating certificate.

The winning team of this module will get Winning Shields and 20,000 PKR cash.

● Each team will receive two lunch coupons and refreshments during the event as per the
designated timings.
● Each participant will get an exclusive entry to the Signature Social Night which will also have Lahore’s famous Food stalls and LUMS iconic Dance Floor.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


To be Announced

To be Announced

Judging Criteria

  • Originality of Idea - 10%
  • Documentation and Project Management - 15%
  • Completeness - 25%
  • Features and Functionality - 25%
  • Design - 10%
  • Coding Practices - 5%
  • Pitch - 10%

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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